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Guardianships are established for various reasons; an adult who lacks the ability to care for him/herself in some aspect, a minor who has received an inheritance, or possibly a minor who has received a settlement.

A function of the Guardianship Division of the Clerk’s Office is to audit and monitor the guardianship files active in Clay County. Certain guardianships require the filing of a Verified Inventory of Guardian of the Property or an Annual Accounting of the Guardian of the Property. The Clerk’s Office charges a statutory auditing fee for conducting the annual audit of guardianship. See Annual Accounting Fees: Guardianship for Fees and Services Charges to determine the appropriate annual account fee.

Guardianship Qualifications
Any resident of this state who is not under any legal disability or the power of another and is eighteen (18) years of age or older, is qualified to act as guardian. Further qualifications can be found in Section 744.309 of the Florida Statutes.

Guardianship classes are offered by Aging True, 4250 Lakeside Drive, Jacksonville, FL.  Contact their office at 904-807-1203 for class schedule.