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Tara S. Gree, Clerk of Court and Comptroller of Clay County, FL
Clerk of Court and Comptroller of Clay County, FL Clerk of Court and Comptroller of Clay County, FL
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Historical Archives

Located in Green Cove Springs, our Historical Archives Division is a fun and educational place to visit and a wonderful resource for anyone interested in the history of our county and state.

Attention:  The Archives Center will be closed Monday, May 13th, through Friday, May 17th. 


 Historical Archives Video


While nearly all of the county’s modern official records are available online, most historic hard-copy records are stored in the Clay County Historical Archives at the Old Jail facility off State Road 16 at 21 Gratio Place.  Archives is the hub for information needed by genealogical enthusiasts and researchers.  Call Archives Supervisor Vishi Garig or Archives Specialist Amelia Dixon at (904) 371-0027 to learn more.


Our Archives Division team is ready to assist you.

Our Archives Division team is ready to assist you.

Browse through these pages to explore the materials and services available to you online and at our Archives Center:

Hours of Operation

  • Monday – Friday, Open 8:00am to 5:00pm
  • Saturday & Sunday, Closed Except for Special Events
  • Holiday and Special Closure Dates as Posted on the Archives Entrance

The mission of our Historical Archives Division is to effectively identify, organize and preserve records and artifacts of enduring value in various formats.  Archives Supervisor Vishi Garig and Archives Specialist Amelia Dixon make sure of the availability and accessibility of these records and artifacts for the use of both present and future generations.

Tours & Public Speakers

The Archives operation is closely connected to both our Public Information/Community Outreach staff and also with our Recording Department functions.  Archives personnel are available as guest speakers in the community and groups are also welcome to tour the Old Jail, Archives Center, 1890 Courthouse, Clay County History Museum, TAPS Monument, and the main Clay County Courthouse, too.

Simply contact Archives Supervisor Vishi Garig at (904)371-0027 OR for tours of the historic buildings or contact Public Information Officer Mary Justino at (904)269-6337 OR to arrange tours of the main Clay County Courthouse.  Thank you.