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Tara S. Gree, Clerk of Court and Comptroller of Clay County, FL
Clerk of Court and Comptroller of Clay County, FL Clerk of Court and Comptroller of Clay County, FL
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Executive Team

Our Executive Team helps Clerk of Court and Comptroller Green oversee a staff of more than ninety employees, their hundreds of court, recording and finance functions, and the many partnerships that keep our justice system and county responsibilities operating smoothly.

Green selected two key leaders, Chief Operations Officer Tracie McRae (COO) and Chief Administrative Officer Rick Dingle (CAO), to oversee various areas of our organization. With decades of corporate and governmental experience, McRae and Dingle lead awesome managerial teams who help accomplish our goals throughout our organization. Some managers, notably those under COO McRae in Operations, are featured on this website based on department assignments.  Others work behind the scenes.  All managers and their supervisory personnel are important to our overall success.  CAO Dingle also oversees the operation of the Clerk to the Board personnel and Value Adjustment Board (VAB). The VAB handles petitions from property owners who wish to dispute the appraisal level of their property’s value.

Green’s executive team also includes Chief Technology Officer Justin Horan who advises Clerk Green and her personnel on matters related to technology.  Green is also assisted by Chief Human Resources (HR) Officer Deena Faulkner who works directly with the chief officers and staff. Faulkner reviews applications for current job openings, schedules appointments for prospective employees and supports current employees with benefits and Clerk of Court and Comptroller office policy matters.

A key part of our team also is General Counsel Brian Byrd, who advises Clerk/Comptroller Green on legal and legislative matters impacting our operation and our customers.

Green’s team also includes Public Information Officer (PIO) Mary Justino. Justino oversees our Archives Division staff, is our media liaison, crafts internal communication and promotes positive public relations through educational events, courthouse tours, charitable giving campaigns and public presentations. PIO Justino maintains our social media presence and the content of this public website.

This Executive Team oversees all phases of daily operations and strategically plans for the future.

Photo of Tracie McRae

Tracie McRae

Chief Operations Officer

Photo of Rick Dingle

Rick Dingle

Chief Administrative Officer

Photo of Justin Horan

Justin Horan

Chief Technology Officer

Photo of Deena Faulkner

Deena Faulkner

Chief Human Resources Officer

Photo of Mary Justino

Mary Justino

Public Information Officer

Please review our office’s Mission, Vision & Core Values Statements.


Executive Team
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Passport Day - Saturday, April 27th at Orange Park Branch

We encourage those in need of new passports to use this site (Passport page) to make an appointment (O.P. Branch only) and to review the checklist of items needed to submit a passport application.  Please review the release linked below for details.  It is time for Passport Day in Clay!

Passport Day 2024 – Media Release