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VAB Members

The Clerks to the Value Adjustment Board are Christine Blanchett and Hannah Trowell. They may be reached at (904) 529-4125 or by email at

Value Adjustment Board Members

  • Commissioner Wayne Bolla, BCC Chairman
  • Commissioner Jim Renninger, BCC member
  • Richard Klinzman, BCC Public member
  • Mary Bolla, School Board member
  • Joe Wiggins, School Board Public member
  • VAB Attorney, William Davie II

Rules for VAB Related Communications
No participant, including the petitioner, the property appraiser, the board clerk, the special magistrate, a member of a value adjustment board, or other person directly or indirectly interested in the proceeding, nor anyone authorized to act on behalf of any party shall communicate with a member of the board or the special magistrate regarding the issues in the case without the other party being present or without providing a copy of any written communication to the other party. This is outlined in F.A.C. 12D-9.017 Ex Parte Communication Prohibition.

All questions and concerns should be directed to the Clerk to the Value Adjustment Board which shall ensure that no ex parte communication occurs. This VAB Clerk may be reached by phone or by email.