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Probate Fees

All Divisions Fee
For opening of any estate of one document or more, including but not limited to: Petitions and Orders to approve settlement of minor’s claims; to open a safe deposit box; to enter rooms and places; for the determination of heirs (if not a formal administration); and for a foreign guardian to manage property of a non-resident.
Note: This procedure is not for issuance of letters or orders of summary or family administration
Notice of Trust $41.00
Caveat $41.00
Petition and order to admit foreign wills, authenticated copies, exemplified copies or transcript of record $231.00
For disposition of personal property without administration $231.00
Summary administration less than $1000 $235.00
Summary administration $1,000 or more $345.00
Formal administration, guardianship, ancillary, curatorship, or conservatorship proceedings $400.00
Guardianship proceeding of person only $235.00
Veterans Administration Guardianship $235.00
Petition for determination of incapacity $231.00
Exemplified certificate $7.00
Petitions/Motions that reopen previously closed cases – F.S. 28.241(1)(b) $50.00
Guardianship Audit Fee, Initial Inventory (if above $25,000.00) $85.00

Guardianship Audit Fee, Annual Financial Return:

All Divisions Fee
a. For estates valued at $25,000 or less $20.00
b. For estates valued from $25,001 to $100,000 $85.00
c. For estates valued from $100,001 to $500,000 $170.00
d. For estates valued at more than $500,000 $250.00


Notice of July 4th Holiday Office Closure

Our offices will be closed on 7/4/22, but we look forward to assisting you the remainder of that week. Remember, many services are also available here online, even when our offices are closed (online payments, record requests, form downloads, etc).  Thank you and have a safe, enjoyable holiday.