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Tara S. Gree, Clerk of Court and Comptroller of Clay County, FL
Clerk of Court and Comptroller of Clay County, FL Clerk of Court and Comptroller of Clay County, FL
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Archives Policies

What is the Archives’ privacy policy?

We comply with Florida’s Sunshine Law because we are supervised by the Clay County Clerk of the Circuit Court. Historically significant government records and photographs should remain open and accessible to the public, a service provided through the Archives. Please remember that electronic communication with the Archives staff (including your email address and email content) is also available for inspection by the public.

What are the fees?

Copy fees vary depending on the type of document being copied and number of pages. Fees are based on the standard public record and/or court record fees allowed by the state. Please consult with the Archivist for details. Additionally, there is also a fee for after-hour, research-related use of the Old County Jail facility ($20-$40 per person).

Who manages the Archives and how can I help?

The Clay County Archives operation is housed in the Old County Jail which is a building owned by the Clay County Board of County Commissioners. In addition to supervision provided by the staff of the Clay County Clerk of the Circuit Court, a 501(c)3 was also formed. As a representative of this 501(c)3, the Archivist is permitted to accept donations and to sell items of interest to visitors, including a small set of books related to Clay County’s history. These funds are used to, among other things, purchase archival storage materials/supplies for maintaining collections contributed to and compiled by the Archives staff.

Can I give (or loan) historical materials to the Archives?

In general, yes. The Archivist reviews materials for relevancy and appropriateness before taking custody. A donation contract is completed. Materials accepted by the Archives are available for use by the public. Hundreds of donations have been made through the years including various clippings for vertical files, family histories, and  complete collections of papers.

Can I copy materials from the Archives?

Yes, except for a very limited set of materials closed by statute or court order. We request that you give credit to the “Clay County Archives” when referring to materials. In particular, indexes and transcriptions have taken several years for volunteers to develop, and they appreciate recognition of their work. Where you have found copyrighted materials in the Archives, you should seek permissions from the relevant copyright owners.

What standard does the Archives use for its historical website?

Volunteers assisted with the preparation of this Archives website, so the quality and accuracy of the materials included may vary based on the experience level of the volunteers. The Archivist reviewed all materials to correct obvious mistakes, but reference and fact checking is not done to the degree required by peer-reviewed publications. For that reason, 1) users should the website as a guide to where original source material can be found so the user can confirm facts and 2) Users should use the Archives website for educational purposes only. For legal purposes, please make requests to the Clerk of the Court’s office directly.